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Why Use Execu-Nannies?


We represent only dedicated care professionals who consider this their career


Our screening ensures only the highest quality applicants are presented to you

Detailed Profiles

Application packages are second to none in terms of content for your consideration


28 years of service in this field gives us an advantage when recommending profiles

Satisfaction Guaranteed

95% success rate on first placement or we provide a replacement within guarantee period


We are family owned and operated so our understanding of your situation goes beyond just recruitment


Nanny services are not all created equally!

Our best work is done when we have a close partnership with you. We take the time to know you, your needs, your style, your childrens’ stages…. And then with this knowledge, we scour the marketplace for you on an Executive Nanny search level. We know from experience that without this careful understanding, success is often not experienced.

Ask yourself if the diverse needs of your children or elder can be met by the candidates you are seeing. Can the service you are using really consult on technical subjects like “setting boundaries – positive methods – enhancing quality of life”? Are creative solutions presented to you? We view ourselves as an extension of you when we describe and promote your opportunity to selected candidates. There is a reason we have selected each applicant relative to your needs.

Without a plan, the trial and error approach is sometimes what happens. This is hard on everyone, particularly parents. If you have had a great nanny who has left your family and then you have gone through a string of misfits, the reason is often crystal clear to us. We are confident we can point you in the right direction.

If you have searched elsewhere and wish to have a much more focused approach, we urge you to call us. If this is your first experience hiring, then you will enjoy a patient and informed process with Execu-Nannies.

Take the time to get to know our concepts and practices. We are sure you will see the difference.

Sharon Taylor

Nanny Services


Nanny Services

Why we are different than the competition?

Many new clients ask us how or why we are different than the competition. While there are many reasons, the one I always refer to is the fact that we are known within the nanny and caregiver community as the "fair agency." Execu-Nannies will never ask our candidates to accept jobs with unclear hours or below-minimum-wage salaries. We advocate on behalf of our candidates just as strongly as we advocate on behalf of our clients. This ensures that both parties are treated as professionals and feel as such.

Providing care for vulnerable persons or taking care of a household is as important a job as any because these are the people that support the rest of the working and executive class families. Without them, our children would not be encouraged, stimulated, educated and kept safe. Execu-Nannies is different than the competition because we regard this profession as one that should be of the highest value to Canadian working families, and our professional presentation and constant support reflects that.

Managing the agency over the last 10 years, I've had the opportunity to work with many repeat clients who value the ethical approach we have. New clients are in contact every day based on the fact that they are swamped with "online agencies" that simply post up hundreds of short profiles and expect the client to pay in order to navigate this difficult process by themselves, often for the first time. They are drawn to our website because of the informational and educational content above and beyond our policies and practices.

We invite you to contact us today to see what you have been missing in your search for the perfect, qualified, and caring Execu-Nanny.

Ian Minton
Business Manager


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Our outstanding services!

We are proud to offer a variety of care services to meet your family’s individual needs.

Child Care

Ranging from temporary to full-time, we can cover all options for the needs of your children

Elder Care

We provide services from companionship to light medical care and beyond

Sponsorship Processing

Our service boasts the highest success rate for LMIA approvals

Detailed Job Profiles

Carefully designed and constantly refined job description templates to support family integration

Payroll Tax Services

In-house payroll tax services provide a turnkey solution for your nanny or caregiver employment

Caregiver Screening

If you are unsure about the person you have found, we offer screening services for peace of mind


Stay in touch!

Make sure to keep updated or interact with us through our social media platforms. We’ll be featuring helpful information, videos and much more content related to your search for the perfect Execu-Nanny!



Our fees cover the deep assessment of the candidates you are considering as well as reference checking, personality assessment, language assessment, and many other factors that our agency and families consider high priority.

Here is our current fee structure:

Executive Level Search

Our Executive package is our standard level of service that has been provided to our clients for over 30 years. Applicants in this category have a minimum of one year of experience in their field but often have much longer tenures in their jobs.

Starting this search process is free of charge, but a booking fee of $250 + hst for live-outs and $500 + hst for live-ins is required prior to booking interviews. This booking fee is credited to the final agency fee if and when a placement is made and is non-refundable once interviews are scheduled.

  • Live-Out Caregivers
    * Non-drivers: $2995 + hst
    * Drivers: $3695 + hst
  • Live-in Caregivers
    * Local Non-drivers (LMIA included if necessary): $3895 + hst
    * Local Drivers (no sponsorship/LMIA required): 12% of gross, minimum $4195 + hst (Elite Level)
    * Overseas job offer: Home Child Care Provider or Home support Worker programs: $4195 + hst

!! PLEASE NOTE:  All placements with caregivers who require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) include Job Bank advertising, LMIA application preparation overseen by our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, and full guidance throughout the process. Advertising costs, $1000 LMIA fee, airfare and 3 month health insurance are not included in fee. *

  • Part-time Caregivers
    * Non-driver up to 20 hours per week: $2395 + hst
    * Driver up to 20 hours per week: $2595 + hst
    * Non-driver 20-30 hours per week: $2595 + hst
    * Driver 20-30 hours per week: $2795 + hst

Elite Level Search

Our Elite package is for families who are looking for something very unique or hard to find in the market. This includes professional household managers, language specialty candidates, professionally trained Early Childhood Educators, certified teachers, applicants who will travel abroad, chefs, butlers, couples or other types of workers who are difficult to acquire depending on market conditions.

Starting this search process is free of charge, but a booking fee of $500 + hst is required prior to booking interviews. This booking fee is credited to the final agency fee if and when a placement is made and is non-refundable once interviews are scheduled.

– All categories of Elite applicants
* 12% of employees annual gross salary + hst (minimum $4195)

Temporary Search

Our temporary services provide our clients with the same level of applicants as our Executive level search but on a short term basis. These employees will be fully screened in the same manner as all other applicants from our agency and are available for assignments up to 3 months. For longer temporary assignments, our minimum Executive package fee will be due.

Starting this search process is free of charge, but a booking fee of $250 + hst is required prior to scheduling interviews. This charge is credited to the final agency fee if and when a placement is made and is non-refundable once interviews are scheduled.

  • Live-In or Live-Out temporary caregivers
    * First week temporary: $275 + hst
    * Each subsequent week: $175 + hst
    * Over 12 weeks assignment: See permanent rates

A La Carte Paperwork Services

For clients who have sourced their own candidate, either locally or overseas, we process your application under the In-Home Caregiver Program and prepare the required documents to obtain a valid Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This LMIA is used by the nanny, along with other documents required by the embassy or immigration office, to apply for their work permit.

LMIA applications for your own candidate
* $2495 + hst (not including $1000 LMIA fee, advertising fees, airfare or health insurance)

Our Guarantee

– Executive Level Search
* Our standard guarantee is 60 days from the first day of employment. This doesn’t mean that you must make a decision on a new applicant within this time, but a replacement search must be initiated.

– Elite Level Search
* For our Elite level clients, a 90 day guarantee is provided from the first day of employment. As with the Executive level, a replacement search must be initated within 90 days but there is no limit on how long you can look for your new nanny for.

– Overseas Level Search
* Overseas Level Search: Our Overseas hiring clients enjoy an extended 180 day guarantee from the first day of employment in Canada. However, replacements under this category must be made with another overseas candidate.

– Temporary search
* All of our temporary placements are guaranteed for the duration of the assignment.


Please call us at 416-221-6000 for a personalized salary quote as all jobs are different and may require higher salaries or different types of compensation packages to compete in the current market.



Join the Execu-Nannies family!

We offer a variety of different packages for families to consider and can create custom tailored solutions for any situation.


Flexible to your needs

Elite Level

Unique applicants

LMIA Services

Paperwork only

Some Testimonials

What people are saying about us.

“I just want to say how grateful I am to you. I really like my job and the family. It was all possible because of the agency so I just want to say thank you again.”



“Thank you for all of your help these past few years. You’ve brought peace of mind to our household – and as you know for a working mom that’s priceless.”

Jennifer and Drew W.

Working mom

“Scott and I and the kids are very happy and excited to have Sylvia join our family. The process to find her was made easy by your team. We appreciated your thorough interview process, the ongoing support and communication, and of course, the baby-sitting service that you provided. We look forward to our newest adventure with Sylvia and thank you for making this possible!”

Paula and Scott R.


“I truly believe that a great deal of the success we enjoyed with Norma was due to the efforts of your agency and your detailed attention to meeting the needs of both employer and employee. It is because of this that I have referred you to three of my friends over the past 2.5 years, all of whom have hired one of your candidates.”

Cindy L.


“I want to express my appreciation for all the great work you did over the past couple of weeks to source a babysitter/housekeeper for our family. Your agency is the most professional and detail-oriented of all that we dealt with. Your candidate profiles are very comprehensive. We enjoyed meeting the candidates that you recommended and we appreciated how quickly you responded to our needs.”

Debbie H.


“After losing our nanny of 2.5 years, I attempted to find a new nanny using media, the internet (including two other nanny listing sites), and other personal resources. Yours by far was the easiest and most successful method. I registered on Wednesday night, and was interviewing someone from your site on Thursday evening, and she started with us on Monday. My children love her, as we do, too Thank you so very much for a great website, and will return if we ever need another nanny.”

Dan T.


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