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New caregiver pathways announced

On June 15, 2019, the government announced an immediate end to In-Home Caregiver Program pathways (Caring for Children and Caring for Elders) in favour of a new set of pathways called Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker.  The expiring programs were closed for new applications as of June 18, 2019.

Execu-Nannies will once again adapt our services to the new program to provide a streamlined and guided approach for our clients.  Ensuring that qualified referrals from both local and overseas markets are properly screened and efficiently processed will remain our highest priority.

One of the main benefits to employers is that a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is no longer required to validate a job offer to an overseas foreign worker.  However, employers who already have an approved LMIA or submitted an LMIA application prior to June 18, 2019 will be able to use them to file a work permit application for an overseas caregiver under the expiring programs.

For caregivers overseas looking to come to Canada, a pre-assessment for permanent residency (PR) in Canada will be required in order to receive a work permit.  This means that they will be approved in principle for PR and it will be finalized once they finish their 2 year work term in Canada.  The initial processing for a work permit/PR pre-assessment will be up to 12 months.  Once completing 2 years in Canada, a processing time of 6 months will be required.  In short, this means a it will take up to 12 months for a caregiver to arrive in Canada after you finalize a job offer to them.

Caregivers coming to Canada will now also have the option to bring a spouse and their children upon arriving to Canada.  Their spouse can qualify for an open permit and children can qualify for a study permit.

As opposed to the previous program, employers will not be responsible for paying airfare to Canada for the caregiver but they will still have to provide health care insurance until the caregiver is eligible for provincial health care coverage.

One major point to note is that the work permit under the new pathways will not be issued to a specific employer.  A caregiver will have the ability to switch employers without having to get a new LMIA.  Though the exact processing details have not been outlined completely, a caregiver would simply need a new job offer from another employer and they would quickly be able to switch jobs.  This measure was put in place to combat potential abusive employment situations where the caregivers stay in jobs in fear of having to waste months or longer while waiting for a new LMIA which sometimes is never even applied for if the job is not found through a reputable agency who prioritizes this.

Employers who were in the process of preparing a LMIA application for an overseas worker should not proceed.  For those preparing an application for a local worker under the expired program, you should continue as planned as local applicants who are in need of sponsorship renewal will still need the LMIA.

If you have any questions about the new process or would like to discuss how Execu-Nannies can facilitate a placement for you under one of the new pathways, please call 416-221-6000.

I love my nanny because…

Confessions of the happiest employer in the universe!

I love my nanny because…

She treats our children like they are her own.

She learned our value system and works alongside us parenting them.

She sets boundaries and is the adult in charge always – firm / fair /loving / consistent

She is always attentive to them at the park and we know they are safe.

She always goes beyond our expectations.

She plans and is one step ahead of us.

She communicates with us – we are never left in the dark about anything.

She is always discreet, and we never find our business around the street.

We’ve found the best nanny in the world!


I love my housekeeper because…

Once she learned our routines, her initiative came shining through.

Everything has a place and things go where they are supposed to go.

My sinks are gleaming when she ends her day.

My laundry is always completed and not left to get wrinkled in the dryer.

My house is clean because she is organized, hardworking and we know if something isn’t done one day, it’s because she was busy with my children having an amazing day.  It gets done!

She looks for things to do when everything is done – I find surprise projects all the time.

She makes sure she makes time for her meals and breaks – it is important to us.

Detailing is a priority to her and she knows we appreciate her eye for it.

She learned the several “pet peeves” we have about cleaning and tends to them.

She is always open to suggestions and wants to know if we need something different.

We’ve found the most amazing household helper!

How to keep your employer satisfied

Employer satisfaction should be every nanny’s concern as this is an integral part to the employer/employee relationship.  There are many things that a nanny or caregiver can do to ensure their employer sees they are trying their best.  This leads to job satisfaction as a result of positive encouragement, performance bonuses, raises and general happiness in the household.

Are you doing these things?

  • Being creative with the children (NO TV), researching craft ideas, getting them to play groups for new stimulation.  Are you using using positive reinforcement systems (ie. –  Stickers for rewards) – please don not use candy bars as rewards too!!!   A fancy hair tie, a new little dollar store toy and a baking session are some ideas of great rewards.   Communicate what you are doing to your employer!  Sell yourself!
  • Are you socializing the children with others?  Making friends and treating others with r espect, learning how to deal with bullies and other strong personalities and helping others is all in your role of a nanny.
  • Are you keeping the children squeaky clean including their clothes, giving regular baths (never leave children alone!), ensuring they are brushing and flossing their teeth and that their clothes are always presentable (ie clean coats, hats, etc).  There is nothing worse than a grubby looking child.
  • Are you communicating effectively with your employer,being on the same team and all pulling in the same direction?  Adversarial relationships lead to job stress and ultimately termination.  Do you “have their back” acting as a parental extension?
  • Are you doing everything you can to keeping the house clean and organized?  Even if there is a cleaner coming to the house, are you maintaining the children’s rooms, the kitchen, the high traffic areas well?   Are you using attention to detail, which shows your employer you are being observant and that you care.   Employers over the years have said “my nanny left a coat in the same place for two weeks” – everything has a place?      Children will also learn from your tidiness.   If you are the one cleaning, make sure are moving things and not cleaning around things.
  • Are you behaving like a professional and portraying the correct image?
  • Are you using positive language language – no slang.
  • Are you being interactive at the park (not with the nannies!!!), encouraging play with the children?  Remember that neighbours are always watching!
  • Are you avoiding conversations centred around gossip?
  • Are you portraying and encouraging good manners? – please and thank you goes a long way.
  • Are you loving your work and does your employer think she has the best nanny on the planet?  Endear yourself to your family – promote your efforts – let your employer see you are professional and one of the best!
  • Are you asking your employers if they are happy with your work?   It is amazing how many nannies never ask and unfortunately sometimes find out that their employer was concerned about something. Not all employers will tell you.  Don’t leave yourself vulnerable!    Employers also love to hear that you think they are the best employers ever too!

Should you replace your nanny?

It’s a tough decision in some cases.   How long has it been?  Has there been enough time for the learning curve to nurture the understanding?  Has there been adequate discussion, goal setting and time for improvement?  Are the expectations reasonable?  Is there enough time to accomplish all that is being expected?    Is the missing performance due to attitude or skillset?   These are all important considerations before jumping to a new nanny.

  1. Search must start within the two month warranty time. The reason for termination is unconditional, however, efforts should be made to remedy the situation.  Execunannies has monitored thousands of placements  over a 30 year span.
  2. There must be a firm and clear decision to replace the candidate, not a “maybe we will see if there is someone better” approach.  It is not fair to new candidates who have an expectation of a job opportunity.
  3. There should be a meeting backed up with a written letter in place to the nanny to bring the issue or issues to her attention so as to allow her clearly understand and have the time to improve and/or change her approach and/or performance.  Many issues can easily be corrected where there is understanding and communcation.  We can provide performance appraisal templates and assistance in formulating a letter. Documentation is a must.

Remember that there are always issues with each candidate.  It’s a process of learning, growing and building two way trust.  A successful nanny/employer relationship needs clear teamwork, lots of communication and goal setting for it to work.  Employers may think they are correcting one problem with one nanny and then have a host of new problems with someone else.  Looking back, they discover they had the better suited candidate originally.

We’re always here to consult on orientation issues with your new nanny so please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Execu-Nannies 30th anniversary BBQ

On July 21, 2018, Execu-Nannies is celebrating our 30th year of business with an outdoor BBQ, music and networking for the nanny community that we have served for three decades.

The party will take place in the courtyard at our building at The George Jackson House – 2950 Keele Street, between Sheppard and Wilson.

We’re inviting all of our nannies, past and present, family, and friends to come celebrate this occasion with us. You are the reason we have succeeded in this industry and we would love to give our thanks.

To view the event and mark your attendance, please click here:

Thank you for your continued support – here is to another 30 years!

– Sharon, Ian, Anna & Rita

A recent success story

Here at Execu-Nannies, we’re absolutely thrilled every time we place a nanny with an incredible family so it’s always great to hear positive feedback on not just the candidate but also our process.  Thanks to Steve and family for this wonderful testimonial!

Dear Sharon,

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done as well as Ian, Rita, Anna and the rest of your team to help place Maribel with our family.  She is definitely a perfect fit.

I chose Execu-nannies over other agencies because it was obvious from our first conversation that you completely understood the evolving rules and processes of the caregiver program in Canada.  

Execu-nannies understood my needs and provided me with an abundance of profiles with detailed questionnaires including photographs and reference letters. They setup and co-ordinated Skype interviews with our selections including a second round of interviews.  After making our selection, we completed their Job Profile to ensure there is no misunderstanding on the expectations from both the employer and the employee. 

Ian had walked us through the entire process from job advertisements to the LMIA and contracts. Ian and the Execu-nannies team made this process very simple and painless for us as they took care of all the paperwork and co-ordination required by the caregiver program.  It was obvious through this process that Execu-nannies has a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the caregiver program in Canada. 

Execu-nannies was always there for us during the entire process to ensure we had a positive experience. 

Thank you Sharon, Ian, Rita and Anna (and the rest of your team).

Steve D’Sa

Woodbridge, ON

12 tips for employers

We are very concerned that both parties are happy, content and fitting together like a puzzle.   We expect our applicants to work hard, get a good routine going, building relationships with children and you, and become efficient in your home.   They support healthy family life for sure.   We also like to know that our applicants are enjoying a good level of job satisfaction.   We remind you that part of employing someone means looking for opportunities to reward, recognize and encourage.    This develops job satisfaction and spurs on performance.  If you have any questions or wish to hear some tips and tricks that we know from 28 years of placing nannies, housekeepers, elder caregivers and home cooks, just ask.   There is a definite formula for success!

  1. Don’t overwork but don’t under work either!   In the first couple of weeks, new workers often don’t even have lunch or take their breaks.  They are trying to learn and work very hard to please you. Please make sure that you make it your business to ensure your new employee has her meals and breaks.  A simple question checking on this for a few days is all it takes.   It gives permission for them to sit down and recharge their battery.  This concern goes a long way in showing your concern for her health and well being and ensuring that you show her your “open door policy” for communication.
  2. Give praise – a little pat on the back often goes a long way in providing encouragement and recognition.
  3. Support them and train them – take care of each other.
  4.  Be concerned about their health; don’t expect them to work when they are sick.
  5. Don’t let the children disrespect them – correct children if they did wrong.
  6. Communicate with them – take a little time in your busy life to consider how they are doing.
  7. Make sure their room is comfy, warm in winter and cool in summer. (if applicable)
  8. Help them understand the standards; the whys and why nots – if it makes more sense they follow through.
  9. Encourage them to make decisions; avoid micromanaging – let them see that you trust their judgement.
  10. Ask for their input; respect their ideas and experience.
  11. Don’t afraid to correct them constructively – it’s vital – they cannot know the fine details of what you need all at once.
  12. Make sure that they know and feel your respect – this way they strive not to disappoint you and feel so good about their contribution.  This supports further develop of their passion. 

Message to our candidates

We give you, our candidates, the promise to understand your needs, your skills and to present you to families where you feel safe, valued, respected, have fun and really feel you are making a contribution. Where respect exists, everything good is possible!

We expect a lot of you. You represent not only Execu-Nannies, but your profession as well as your culture. If we choose you, we know you will uphold all responsibilities to the best of your ability. Be proud of what you do as you affect little lives in such a profound way. You support the overall health of the family unit and our families could not do this as well as they do without your caring ways and hard work.

We hope you are a career nanny or caregiver, but if not, we trust that you will make every effort to deliver the highest work ethic you can. You do this because it’s part of who you are. It reflects how your parents raised you and you make them proud.

We know that you believe in education. Children learn so many things through simple play. Make those opportunities available to them. The most professional caregivers address the total child or elder they are looking after, enhancing their development and quality of life. Don’t take the easy route; go beyond expectations.

You have such power and you may not realize it. Your little charges learn so much from you. They soak every word up and they often want to be just like you. Always be very careful to make sure you are showing the best examples. Treat them like family and you will reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Always govern yourself with the highest integrity with regard to communication and problem solving. Don’t be shy to bring a problem to your employer’s attention, but do it with class and have some solutions to present at the same time. If you do something that isn’t so good, own up to it and you will see that you will be rewarded for your honesty and straightforward ways. Know what to shield from the children and what is for your employer’s ears only.

We have chosen you as a special candidate, for special employers. You will soon come together with a great fit with one of our clients who see your wonderful qualities. We ask our clients to share their goals, duties and experiences with you. We want you to succeed. They will prepare a job description for you so you will understand what is expected of you specifically.
This will help you succeed! We are always here to help you.

Message to our clients

We listen to our clients. We know that some of you have had less than acceptable experiences with agencies. We want you to know that we will never be one of those agencies simply because, we care. We also put great work into knowing who we are recommending to you. We strive to understand the environment that our applicants will be working in. We understand the working style of parents and just what is expected of them in terms of decision making and taking initiative to get the job done to your satisfaction. We see ourselves as an extension of you!

ASSESSMENT and “Early Childhood Education” 
Our mandate has always been and continues to be assessment. This assessment takes time and effort, incredible listening skills and then processing of this valuable information to the file. This information is utilized to promote the right decisions with respect to “FIT.”

The human element is always a consideration ultimately for the success of each placement and the comfort of all parties in the relationship, especially the children. Early Childhood Education principles simply must be part of the equation here!

Execu-Nannies works swiftly because we are prepared. Candidates have already been interviewed, reference checked and fully acquainted with us, and us with them. Ask someone who has dealt with us and they will tell you. Files were identified and presented often within a few hours, certainly by the next day.

The goal is always The Right Fit. It leads to long work terms, close relationships and happy employers and applicants. It’s more than just putting someone into a job. These relationships often form life long relationships, which we are proud to have facilitated. It takes years of experience and special instincts to know who will be successful where.

THE COMPEITION – It’s buyer beware 
Much of the competition behave as “head hunters” with their commissioned consultants. The clear goal is making placements, not necessarily the right ones. These placements are often made with lightning speed, without proper due-diligence. New and unsuspecting employers may not know the difference initially. Their assessment is based on a one page application which is the basis for sending this candidate right from the office directly to three or four interviews. When are the references checked, we wonder!

Be very careful before using these types of services, as they are virtually a website for listing resumes. There are no references checked. Candidates who cannot get jobs elsewhere, or have a revolving door of employers, often search this way. These candidates often select their “good jobs” to tell you about and leave off their less than successful situations.

We hope that you see we take pride in every placement we make. We promise to show you our favourite applicants and to be able to tell you why we like them so much. We try to find out what’s special about your family so we can enthusiastically promote you on a personal level. Many of our applicants have been placed before, so they know and trust us. Most come to us as a direct result of a friend or relative who knows us. Our reputation with our applicants is an important feature of why we attract so many wonderful nannies and caregivers for you.

To service your needs, we have someone in our office Monday to Thursday, until 9pm, as well as most Saturdays from 10am – 5pm. We are also open during the week from 9am. This is for your convenience and to make it easy to reach us. We are even available online during the day for your quick instruction and requests.

Get in touch with us!

Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect job or the best care solution for your family! We welcome any and all inquiries.