March 31, 2016 Execu-Nannies

12 tips for employers

We are very concerned that both parties are happy, content and fitting together like a puzzle.   We expect our applicants to work hard, get a good routine going, building relationships with children and you, and become efficient in your home.   They support healthy family life for sure.   We also like to know that our applicants are enjoying a good level of job satisfaction.   We remind you that part of employing someone means looking for opportunities to reward, recognize and encourage.    This develops job satisfaction and spurs on performance.  If you have any questions or wish to hear some tips and tricks that we know from 28 years of placing nannies, housekeepers, elder caregivers and home cooks, just ask.   There is a definite formula for success!

  1. Don’t overwork but don’t under work either!   In the first couple of weeks, new workers often don’t even have lunch or take their breaks.  They are trying to learn and work very hard to please you. Please make sure that you make it your business to ensure your new employee has her meals and breaks.  A simple question checking on this for a few days is all it takes.   It gives permission for them to sit down and recharge their battery.  This concern goes a long way in showing your concern for her health and well being and ensuring that you show her your “open door policy” for communication.
  2. Give praise – a little pat on the back often goes a long way in providing encouragement and recognition.
  3. Support them and train them – take care of each other.
  4.  Be concerned about their health; don’t expect them to work when they are sick.
  5. Don’t let the children disrespect them – correct children if they did wrong.
  6. Communicate with them – take a little time in your busy life to consider how they are doing.
  7. Make sure their room is comfy, warm in winter and cool in summer. (if applicable)
  8. Help them understand the standards; the whys and why nots – if it makes more sense they follow through.
  9. Encourage them to make decisions; avoid micromanaging – let them see that you trust their judgement.
  10. Ask for their input; respect their ideas and experience.
  11. Don’t afraid to correct them constructively – it’s vital – they cannot know the fine details of what you need all at once.
  12. Make sure that they know and feel your respect – this way they strive not to disappoint you and feel so good about their contribution.  This supports further develop of their passion. 

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