June 14, 2018 Execu-Nannies

How to keep your employer satisfied

Employer satisfaction should be every nanny’s concern as this is an integral part to the employer/employee relationship.  There are many things that a nanny or caregiver can do to ensure their employer sees they are trying their best.  This leads to job satisfaction as a result of positive encouragement, performance bonuses, raises and general happiness in the household.

Are you doing these things?

  • Being creative with the children (NO TV), researching craft ideas, getting them to play groups for new stimulation.  Are you using using positive reinforcement systems (ie. –  Stickers for rewards) – please don not use candy bars as rewards too!!!   A fancy hair tie, a new little dollar store toy and a baking session are some ideas of great rewards.   Communicate what you are doing to your employer!  Sell yourself!
  • Are you socializing the children with others?  Making friends and treating others with r espect, learning how to deal with bullies and other strong personalities and helping others is all in your role of a nanny.
  • Are you keeping the children squeaky clean including their clothes, giving regular baths (never leave children alone!), ensuring they are brushing and flossing their teeth and that their clothes are always presentable (ie clean coats, hats, etc).  There is nothing worse than a grubby looking child.
  • Are you communicating effectively with your employer,being on the same team and all pulling in the same direction?  Adversarial relationships lead to job stress and ultimately termination.  Do you “have their back” acting as a parental extension?
  • Are you doing everything you can to keeping the house clean and organized?  Even if there is a cleaner coming to the house, are you maintaining the children’s rooms, the kitchen, the high traffic areas well?   Are you using attention to detail, which shows your employer you are being observant and that you care.   Employers over the years have said “my nanny left a coat in the same place for two weeks” – everything has a place?      Children will also learn from your tidiness.   If you are the one cleaning, make sure are moving things and not cleaning around things.
  • Are you behaving like a professional and portraying the correct image?
  • Are you using positive language language – no slang.
  • Are you being interactive at the park (not with the nannies!!!), encouraging play with the children?  Remember that neighbours are always watching!
  • Are you avoiding conversations centred around gossip?
  • Are you portraying and encouraging good manners? – please and thank you goes a long way.
  • Are you loving your work and does your employer think she has the best nanny on the planet?  Endear yourself to your family – promote your efforts – let your employer see you are professional and one of the best!
  • Are you asking your employers if they are happy with your work?   It is amazing how many nannies never ask and unfortunately sometimes find out that their employer was concerned about something. Not all employers will tell you.  Don’t leave yourself vulnerable!    Employers also love to hear that you think they are the best employers ever too!

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