June 14, 2018 Execu-Nannies

Should you replace your nanny?

It’s a tough decision in some cases.   How long has it been?  Has there been enough time for the learning curve to nurture the understanding?  Has there been adequate discussion, goal setting and time for improvement?  Are the expectations reasonable?  Is there enough time to accomplish all that is being expected?    Is the missing performance due to attitude or skillset?   These are all important considerations before jumping to a new nanny.

  1. Search must start within the two month warranty time. The reason for termination is unconditional, however, efforts should be made to remedy the situation.  Execunannies has monitored thousands of placements  over a 30 year span.
  2. There must be a firm and clear decision to replace the candidate, not a “maybe we will see if there is someone better” approach.  It is not fair to new candidates who have an expectation of a job opportunity.
  3. There should be a meeting backed up with a written letter in place to the nanny to bring the issue or issues to her attention so as to allow her clearly understand and have the time to improve and/or change her approach and/or performance.  Many issues can easily be corrected where there is understanding and communcation.  We can provide performance appraisal templates and assistance in formulating a letter. Documentation is a must.

Remember that there are always issues with each candidate.  It’s a process of learning, growing and building two way trust.  A successful nanny/employer relationship needs clear teamwork, lots of communication and goal setting for it to work.  Employers may think they are correcting one problem with one nanny and then have a host of new problems with someone else.  Looking back, they discover they had the better suited candidate originally.

We’re always here to consult on orientation issues with your new nanny so please contact us if you have any questions at all.

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