November 1, 2018 Execu-Nannies

I love my nanny because…

Confessions of the happiest employer in the universe!

I love my nanny because…

She treats our children like they are her own.

She learned our value system and works alongside us parenting them.

She sets boundaries and is the adult in charge always – firm / fair /loving / consistent

She is always attentive to them at the park and we know they are safe.

She always goes beyond our expectations.

She plans and is one step ahead of us.

She communicates with us – we are never left in the dark about anything.

She is always discreet, and we never find our business around the street.

We’ve found the best nanny in the world!


I love my housekeeper because…

Once she learned our routines, her initiative came shining through.

Everything has a place and things go where they are supposed to go.

My sinks are gleaming when she ends her day.

My laundry is always completed and not left to get wrinkled in the dryer.

My house is clean because she is organized, hardworking and we know if something isn’t done one day, it’s because she was busy with my children having an amazing day.  It gets done!

She looks for things to do when everything is done – I find surprise projects all the time.

She makes sure she makes time for her meals and breaks – it is important to us.

Detailing is a priority to her and she knows we appreciate her eye for it.

She learned the several “pet peeves” we have about cleaning and tends to them.

She is always open to suggestions and wants to know if we need something different.

We’ve found the most amazing household helper!

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