For 35 years, our agency has been advising on nanny payroll issues and questions. For those who do not employ an accountant, it can be a confusing and time consuming process. For those who do use an accountant, it can be costly. Most questions we are asked in the months after placement involve tax related issues, so we’ve decided to offer a service to take these issues off of our clients’ minds.

At a cost of $995 per year, NannyRemit will..

– Calculate your CPP, EI and Federal/Provincial tax based on the salary confirmed
– Securely issue a direct deposit of salary to employee each pay period – salary is automatically paid from your bank account to the employee
– Facilitate automatic withdrawal of taxes from your bank account and electronic submission to CRA
– Provide access to pay stubs to your employee through a private online portal
– Update your remittance amounts if and when your nanny’s salary changes
– Issue a Record Of Employment if necessary
– Complete end of year T4 and T4 summary for your employee
* Business number registration is an additional $40 set up fee

If you are interested, in order to start your remittance services, we require the following..

– Copy of void cheque or direct deposit form from bank account
– Copy of one piece of photo identification for the business number account holder
– SIN number of the business number account holder
– Correct address for the business account
– Changing your Canada Revenue Agency payroll account to refer all monthly remittance forms to our address, in the email signature, by calling 1-800-959-5525
– Updates on when your number of hours or salary to the employee changes
– Further information will be requested for T4 and T4A summaries at the end of the calendar year or for ROEs if necessary

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for this service, please contact Ian Minton at 416-221-6000

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