Execu-Nannies has always offered a high level of orientation information to our clients and candidates, but we are now taking this one step further to ensure a long lasting relationship between family and nanny. Every candidate placed through our agency goes through an ORIENTATION SESSION with agency principal Sharon Taylor. With the use of our carefully designed Job Clarification Template that is filled out by the employer, your nanny will have the ins and outs of your job completely explained. They will also be equipped with valuable information such as suggested reading for children, cooking tips and reward program ideas to make sure your new nanny is ready to “hit the ground running!” Every candidate, regardless of whether they are placed or not, is also issued a SURVIVAL GUIDE upon registration which will assist them in truly becoming an EXECU-NANNY!

Keep in mind, the orientation of your new nanny is just as important as the correct selection. Getting things off on the “right foot” is critical.

The “leaving” nanny is not always the best person to orient your new nanny. Even if she has your best interest at heart, she will inadvertently transfer her judgements about the environment. This is a time that you will no doubt be re-positioning things to meet the current needs of your family. Try to minimize the time the “two” of them have together or do the orientation yourself, even on a weekend if time doesn’t permit. The latter is always our first recommendation.

Learning curve – new employees progress through this curve, but there must be patience and adequate time for her to do this. This can take anywhere between one week and three months; obviously they become more knowledgeable and confident as each week progresses. Minimize mistakes by creating a strong job description. This will fuel her understanding of your philosophies. We have a template for you to use. We sometimes hear that a nanny isn’t catching on and we discover it is often because the employer hasn’t been letting her to the job. Our advice is to just let her dive in and experience the work. She’ll show you her capacity for learning, initiative and common sense this way.

Non negotiable rules – always cover these again even though they are noted in your job description, for example, Children never left unattended, no guests, car seat use (if driver), never take children to any house that they are not aware you are going to, never leave children in bath re phone call or knock at the door, lock all doors, etc.

Your style, your ways – Explain and model what you consider right and wrong in your household. Every family is different. Show how you motivate the children to do things like brush teeth, empty their schoolbag, etc. Let her see what you normally ignore and what you think needs correction. Coach her so that she knows how to blend in with your family. Encourage her to also use her techniques which can often teach us as employers a thing or two!

Problem Solving and correcting your nanny – If and when you run into a snag with your new nanny, involve her in a solution. Let her understand the thinking behind why you want her to do things a certain way. Always give positive reinforcement. A cool head is needed. Try not to involve friends who may “fire you up” rather than give you a rational response. So many nannies are let go without understanding why. Give her a chance to show you she can do the job. A good “heart to heart” discussion can bring you both together. Like children, nannies need a positive and encouraging environment.

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