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Message to our candidates

We give you, our candidates, the promise to understand your needs, your skills and to present you to families where you feel safe, valued, respected, have fun and really feel you are making a contribution. Where respect exists, everything good is possible!

We expect a lot of you. You represent not only Execu-Nannies, but your profession as well as your culture. If we choose you, we know you will uphold all responsibilities to the best of your ability. Be proud of what you do as you affect little lives in such a profound way. You support the overall health of the family unit and our families could not do this as well as they do without your caring ways and hard work.

We hope you are a career nanny or caregiver, but if not, we trust that you will make every effort to deliver the highest work ethic you can. You do this because it’s part of who you are. It reflects how your parents raised you and you make them proud.

We know that you believe in education. Children learn so many things through simple play. Make those opportunities available to them. The most professional caregivers address the total child or elder they are looking after, enhancing their development and quality of life. Don’t take the easy route; go beyond expectations.

You have such power and you may not realize it. Your little charges learn so much from you. They soak every word up and they often want to be just like you. Always be very careful to make sure you are showing the best examples. Treat them like family and you will reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Always govern yourself with the highest integrity with regard to communication and problem solving. Don’t be shy to bring a problem to your employer’s attention, but do it with class and have some solutions to present at the same time. If you do something that isn’t so good, own up to it and you will see that you will be rewarded for your honesty and straightforward ways. Know what to shield from the children and what is for your employer’s ears only.

We have chosen you as a special candidate, for special employers. You will soon come together with a great fit with one of our clients who see your wonderful qualities. We ask our clients to share their goals, duties and experiences with you. We want you to succeed. They will prepare a job description for you so you will understand what is expected of you specifically.
This will help you succeed! We are always here to help you.

Message to our clients

We listen to our clients. We know that some of you have had less than acceptable experiences with agencies. We want you to know that we will never be one of those agencies simply because, we care. We also put great work into knowing who we are recommending to you. We strive to understand the environment that our applicants will be working in. We understand the working style of parents and just what is expected of them in terms of decision making and taking initiative to get the job done to your satisfaction. We see ourselves as an extension of you!

ASSESSMENT and “Early Childhood Education” 
Our mandate has always been and continues to be assessment. This assessment takes time and effort, incredible listening skills and then processing of this valuable information to the file. This information is utilized to promote the right decisions with respect to “FIT.”

The human element is always a consideration ultimately for the success of each placement and the comfort of all parties in the relationship, especially the children. Early Childhood Education principles simply must be part of the equation here!

Execu-Nannies works swiftly because we are prepared. Candidates have already been interviewed, reference checked and fully acquainted with us, and us with them. Ask someone who has dealt with us and they will tell you. Files were identified and presented often within a few hours, certainly by the next day.

The goal is always The Right Fit. It leads to long work terms, close relationships and happy employers and applicants. It’s more than just putting someone into a job. These relationships often form life long relationships, which we are proud to have facilitated. It takes years of experience and special instincts to know who will be successful where.

THE COMPEITION – It’s buyer beware 
Much of the competition behave as “head hunters” with their commissioned consultants. The clear goal is making placements, not necessarily the right ones. These placements are often made with lightning speed, without proper due-diligence. New and unsuspecting employers may not know the difference initially. Their assessment is based on a one page application which is the basis for sending this candidate right from the office directly to three or four interviews. When are the references checked, we wonder!

Be very careful before using these types of services, as they are virtually a website for listing resumes. There are no references checked. Candidates who cannot get jobs elsewhere, or have a revolving door of employers, often search this way. These candidates often select their “good jobs” to tell you about and leave off their less than successful situations.

We hope that you see we take pride in every placement we make. We promise to show you our favourite applicants and to be able to tell you why we like them so much. We try to find out what’s special about your family so we can enthusiastically promote you on a personal level. Many of our applicants have been placed before, so they know and trust us. Most come to us as a direct result of a friend or relative who knows us. Our reputation with our applicants is an important feature of why we attract so many wonderful nannies and caregivers for you.

To service your needs, we have someone in our office Monday to Thursday, until 9pm, as well as most Saturdays from 10am – 5pm. We are also open during the week from 9am. This is for your convenience and to make it easy to reach us. We are even available online during the day for your quick instruction and requests.

Role of a valuable nanny

Written in 1990 by principal and founder of Execu-Nannies Inc., Sharon Taylor, this is the standard by which we choose our applicants and define a “valuable nanny.”  They are our family philosophies and reflect the many common desires of our ever growing family of clients.  We hope we can find you someone special!

We choose you to be a role model friend and teacher to our children.  You learn our parenting style and value system and step into our shoes when we are not there.  As each week goes by, we trust you more and appreciate your performance to reinforce that trust.  We believe that Parents and Nanny are equals and on the same team – our respective professions are only different.

“Your work with children is not just a job, but a “calling.”  You are conscious of favouritism, divide your time and give quality attention to all.  You have a great sense of humour.  You talk to our children with respect and interest and receive the same back from all of us.   You are patient.  You wouldn’t think of yelling or talking down to our children; there are other ways of correcting.  Our under-age children are never left unattended even for a second.  They are not ignored, while you are having a personal telephone conversation.  You praise our children to offer and reinforce wanted behaviors.  You offer a positive environment.   You lovingly correct their misbehaviour.  You set the highest examples for your own behavior, speech, manners and morale behavior because you understand that children mirror their environment.  You take genuine interest in our children.  You challenge them.  You put planning into the day.  You understand or learn how children develop self-confidence and do what you can to boost this. You are proud of your work as a nanny.

If you have a behavior issue, you research and present ideas.  You read books on child care and share your techniques – ones that work and ones that don’t work, for each child.  You partner with us.  You never let yourself become bored or complacent.  You stimulate the children’s’ creativity – you educate them.  You read lots of books to them each day and have the children tell stories back to you.

If they read, you encourage them to read to you.  You encourage musical appreciation and make time to listen to our children play piano.  You involve the children in daily chores, as they are capable of assuming them. You do not use slang language and correct the children or their friends if/when you hear it.  You do not do everything for our children; instead you encourage them to have responsibilities and to feel proud of their contribution.  You reward with encouragement, love and positive talk.  You emphasize what the children can do instead of what they cannot do; you empower them.   You expose them to activities at which they will achieve, and do not expect them to do things that they are not ready to do; you have great intuition and common sense.  You look for opportunities to boost each child’s self esteem.  You know we recognize that your job is just as important as ours (really more important!)

Your job is a difficult one at times, we know this; you have our support.  You see what needs to be done and do it along the lines of our family philosophies..  We value your “initiative” as you learn what our routine is.  You communicate with us – we can’t change what do not know.  You feel comfortable to suggest ideas that you have, to us.  You communicate well with us – we don’t hear your concerns from neighbours – you tell us first – honesty and integrity is a basis for our mutually strong relationship.  You are discreet about our family information.  You are not overly sensitive about things that the children may say to you, but correct and teach them without tearing away at their self esteem.  You are in control but empower our children with choices.   You expose your feelings to the children so that they may understand how you feel and why.  You are an achiever, a positive thinker, self-motivated and enjoy giving of yourself in this IMPORTANT, PROFESSIONAL ROLE AS A NANNY.

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